Enjoy a Pattaya speed boat charter with VIP Speedboat Pattaya byPattaya Yacht Charters Co., ltd.

Speed boat charters are a perfect way to get around Pattaya’s archipelago. With 8 destinations in
the region you need speed to get there so more of your precious time is spent on the islands and
partaking in the many activities available. Discover three prestine islands in just one day, the only
way is with a super-fast boat such as Princess Benedicte which is an activities packed boat custom                                                           made for wakeboarding, fishing and snorkeling, or Great White with its two 250 hp engines that really pack
a punch when it comes to speed, imagine flying across crystal clear blue water at 38 knots on your
own private speedboat charter. Only with these boats is it possible to see three deserted islands in
as little as 4 hours, which is sometimes more preferable than the usual 7 hour full day charter.  Even
with the shorter time there is still plenty of time to enjoy the beaches and soak up the atmosphere.

Getting to islands fast means more time for fun, leisurely fishing from the bow of the boat dropping
your line into clear water, waiting for your fish to bite with the sun on your back and the wind in
your hair. We find the best fishing spots in the most picturesque places. If your friends or family
aren’t the fishing type they can do a little snorkeling amongst the vibrant coral with its many
varieties of tropical fish that make it their home. For the more adventurous there’s doughnut rides available,                                        and remember there’s every likelihood that you’ll have the place to yourselves. Combine this with fine Thai cuisine                               in a sea front restaurant and you’ve got the recipe for a great day

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