Welcome to the fun new world of flyboarding. This amazing new sport has hit Pattaya by storm and VIP Speed Boat Pattaya is now proud to offer this wild ride into our charters. As of a few years ago flyboarding was unheard of but with new developments in technology its getting easier and more fun. In just a few attempts and with expert tuition you will be flying like a bird and diving like a dolphin.

Using specially designed jet shoes you will be literally jet propelled into the air. More like a scene from the movie ironman than a real activity your breath will be taken away with the level of control you will feel. We will ensure that the location is perfectly safe with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

The clever designers at flyboard have put together the power of jetskiing and planted all of that power to the soles of your feet with an amazing amount of control. People of all ages can master this fabulous new sport from the very young to the very old, men and woman, there seems to be no limit to the fun either with new tricks and jumps being performed all the time.

cbf7a9f4876df1b23aa2dd0ff26bb6d6Make flyboarding part of your adventure and enjoy a brand new feeling and gain new exciting skills in a tropical secluded paradise environment that only VIP Speed boat Pattaya can find. You’ll have one of Pattaya’s archipelago increasable locations to impress your family and friends while they watch in amazement from one of our private luxury charters.