With the event of highly trained professional staff who have recently joined our company, VIP Speed Boat Pattaya is now proud to introduce the exhilarating sport of Kitesurfing into our tailor made VIP private speedboat charters. We have the facilities and the training to offer Kitesurfing to total novices to seasoned professionals.

If you are a total novice then we will take you to one of Pattaya’s most beautiful islands where you will learn in paradise. The conditions could not be more perfect with shallow crystal clear water, pure white soft sand and calm warm seas. Our patient instructors will guide you through the initial skills maintaining your confidence as you rapidly start to take control of the kite. On a three day course you can expect the beginnings of becoming an accomplished independent kitesurfer ready to take on the world.

For the professionals amongst you, have you ever imagined what it would be like to kitesurf in the direction of a far off island without a care in the world. With us it is not only a possibility, we do it all the time. Once at one of our secretive locations you will be riding in some of the most scenic bays Thailand has to offer, little known to all who come to Pattaya in search of its winds. With mountainous destinations you can be sure of katabatic winds rolling down, and even if the wind’s off shore there’s nothing to be concerned about, our luxury speed boat will play safety boat at all times. So treat yourself to a kitesurfing safari with us and watch as flying fish dart out of your way as you skim across ankle deep crystal clear water.