With VIP Speedboat Pattaya our fleet of speedboats are so fast that you can actually visit more destinations in 4 hours than an 8 hour charter on a slower Yacht. The 4 hour charter is perfect for those on a tight time schedule or for families with very young children who might find a full day speedboat charter simply too much for them.

You can choose either a morning start or afternoon, our morning charters have the advantages of generally calm conditions, with a start time between 9am and 10am. The cruise out to your chosen island will be as smooth as silk with our luxury range of quiet super fast speedboats. Take a morning dip in the bay of one of the many tropical islands with perfect crystal clear water. Try a spot of fun fishing, you could be in for a tasty treat and we always catch a variety of pan sized fish. Take a cruise to Monkey Island, these friendly little primates will swim right up the boat, don’t be surprised if they are eating the food right out of your hands. Perhaps enjoy a ride on our custom made sofa for an exciting tour around the bay.

On an afternoon charter the wind can pick up slightly however the gulf of Thailand is renowned for its gentle sea conditions. The advantage of a 4 hour afternoon charter is that you will of course have the chance to see the beautiful sun set as your cruising back to the Ocean Marina.


Pick up from hotel/villa at 9.00am (morning) or 1.30pm (afternoon)

Arive Ocean Marina 9.30am (morning) or 2.00pm (afternoon)

As with all of our charters the itinereary can be change to suit you however suggestions are:-

Visit Monkey island and feed these amazing monkeys. You can even swim with these friendly monkeys. Don’t forget your camera.

Then its off to our fishing spots where we will do some fishing for an hour.

Cruise to the beautiful deserted Khram island where we will visit various deserted beaches and do some snorkeling in the clear waters and stunning coral reefs.

Make your private luxury tour however you like it, and in any order, at ” VIP Speed Boat Pattaya” you call the shots!!

At the end of your fun packed tour our comfortable air conditioned mini vans will be there to transfer you back to your accommodation.