Koh Khram is a little known island to the south of Pattaya. The island itself is protected by the Royal Thai Navy against heavy tourism in an effort to maintain it’s stunning natural beauty. At present a select of well managed charter companies are allowed to visit the island of which Speed Boat Pattaya are proud to be one of.

Koh Khram is home to a rare species of giant sea turtle, at certain times of the year the island is completely out of bounds to tourism, but this period is not during the high season so the island can still be enjoyed during it’s most beautiful time. Being one of Pattaya’s largest islands you can expect the most dramatic bays and coves with lush vegetation lining the beach giving every beach a tropical deserted forest back drop. On many occasions we have been the only charter boat in its bays and our customers have experienced an excursion like nothing they have ever experienced before.

The quality of its beaches and water is astounding when you consider that Pattaya City is within site of its shores. Truly crystal clear warm tropical water gently laps the powdery white sand in total tranquility. with more that 20 years combined experience in Thailand we can say that koh khram’s beaches are amongst the best there are.

To the south of the island Lime stone cliffs are an imposing feature reminiscent of the islands of Krabi. To the north Koh Khram Noi – its smaller sister island is teaming with marine life just off its rocky shores and beautiful sand bar.

We at VIP Speed Boat Pattaya cannot recommend this island highly enough.