Koh Larn also known as Coral Island is one of Pattaya City’s largest islands, it is definitely the most visited, you might think that for this reason it is the most spectacular, but you would most certainly be wrong. It is a beautiful island but over the years heavy tourism is starting to take its toll. However saying that if fun activities, souvenir shops and beach front restaurants are your thing then this just could be the island for you.

During the high season 500 local inhabitants turns into 5000 or possibly more. There are two villages on the island, one to the east called Ban Koh Larn and Krok Makhan. Here you will still find the traditional ways of life going on and the charm is still there to see.

Tawaen, the largest and most popular beach on the island has a spectacular view as you come over the mountainous pass down to the shore. The water is clear blue and there are many sea food restaurants to choose from.

VIP Speed Boat Pattaya will get you there quickly so you can enjoy a full day on the island, but in our opinion Pattaya’s other islands in the archipelago have so much more to offer such as Koh Khram with its virtually deserted paradise beaches and thriving marine life, and Koh Ped with its amazing native swimming monkeys. The choice is always yours of course and Speed Boat Pattaya will always provide you with whatever your heart desires.