One of the more secluded islands of Pattaya’s archipelago Koh Man Wichai is a show case for sandy coves two of which are on the east and one on the west. This small friendly island is completely uninhabited and rarely visited by tourists or charters. If total privacy and seclusion is your priority this is the island for you. Being so remote this is the perfect location for our legendary beach BBQ. The island is free to explore with lots of hidden passes, in the words of one of our customers “it’s a naturists paradise”

Two dive sites “the wall” and “the finger” are just off the coast and a favorite amongst divers of all levels with depths between 9 – 25 meters. But the island is equally renowned for it’s snorkeling spots with depths of 2- 3 meters. The island enjoys very good clarity of water and marine life is some of the best in the region.

So whether you are a naturist, snorkeler, diver or just enjoy total peace and tranquility, this island delivers in everyway. Add this island into your tour along with the amazing views of Koh Rin and you’ve got a charter that will linger in your memory for years to come.