Also known as Bamboo island koh Phai is the biggest of all Pattaya’s archipelargo islands with a length of 4 km and 1.4 km wide. Almost completely deserted the whole year round the island is virtually void of any construction, in fact the only building on the island is a solitary light house protecting boats from its rocky peninsulas at night. Being the furthest island, 20 km west of Pattaya City you will need a fast boat to get you there. Speed Boat Pattaya’s luxury speed boats have the engines for the job with 250 hp and 200hp at their disposal.

The beaches of Koh Phai are protected by The Thai Royal Navy, visitors are welcome but a small fee is required, on our charters that fee is taken care of by ourselves of course. Long stretches of pure white sand and clear light blue water awaits you. Being so unspoiled the jungle just meters away from the beaches is dense, venture inside for a very tropical deserted island feel.

On the eastern side of the island the water is particularly good for snorkeling with average depths of between 4 -8 meters, the clarity of the water is excellent and marine life is high. One species of sea horse found only around this island makes it its home, if you are patient and lucky enough you may just see one.

VIP Speed Boat Pattaya’s moto is “go the extra mile” and that’s exactly what we do to get you to the best this island has to offer. Be one of the few people to have ever set foot on this paradise.