The journey to Koh Rin gives you a sence of being total away from it all. Due to Thailand’s tropical climate on many days all that can be seen is sea all around you giving a feeling of being far further from the main land, then through the sea mist comes the glorious sight of Koh Rin, two small rocky maintains to each end separated by a pure white sandy bay. As the water starts to become shallower the amazing colour of its waters become more striking and vivid until we come to anchor in 3 meters of the most clearest water in the entire archipelago. Just throw some bread into the warm tropical sea and watch as striped torquise tropical fish come in their hundreds for an easy feed, these friendly fish will even take the food out of your hand whilst snorkeling if you are patient.

Take a refreshing swim out to the island and explore its 800 meter beach and jungle back drop, or let our staff give you a ride on our inflatable sofa bed. If snorkeling is your priority there is plenty to see around its rocky out shores including fish such as snappers, barracudas, jacks, harlequin sweetlips, squirrel fish, trevally and lion fish.

With Kon Rin as your view why not just lye back with a cool drink and lap up the tropical atmosphere, plug in your ipod and relax in paradise, there really is no better place!!