With outstanding beaches and a truly Thai traditional feel Koh Samae San and its surrounding fishing village will enchant you. Situated on the far south peninsular of the eastern seaboard the Samae San area is quite unknown by the majority of tourists, exploring this region by boat is the only real way of seeing its secretive wonders, fishing and snorkeling are particularly good here due to its currents and abundance of sea life that draw in bigger fish. Very beautiful parrot fish can be seen here swimming in schools, along with turtles, barracuda, small sharks and a whole menagerie of other tropical, colorful, friendly fish.

Hat Luk Lom is renouned for being the islands most beautiful beach with white powdery sand and very clear blue water. Most people who visit cant believe that such a tropical paradise could exist just 40 kms south of one of Thailand’s biggest cities.

Scuba diving is a must here with vibrant coral life that supports a thriving eco system, hard and soft corals are home to its diverse marine life. The island is a turtle conservation area so the sight of large friendly turtles is a common occurrence along with blue spotted stingrays, Moray eels and yellowtails. The Hard Deep wreck lies 25 meters below the surface and makes for an interesting dive.

Whether scuba, snorkel, fishing or just relaxing, come see what the rest are missing and make your special time in Pattaya beyond anything you could have expected.