If an over night charter is what you’re looking for Koh Samet is the perfect destination, with so much to see on the way as you pass Koh Samae San with its tropical island feel and pure white sandy beaches, and it’s amazing fishing village, almost unknown to all but a few seasoned tourists. Your journey will be out of this world.

Koh Samet itself is a haven for beach lovers due to its nationally protected beaches and super white sand, with a huge south facing shore of bays all of which have their own feel with vibrant bars, sea front sea food restaurants and crystal clear light blue water.

The main beach has some of the best restaurants I have been to, the quality and value of the food is astounding. All kinds of food from around the world await you with a very impressive selection of mouth watering cakes. Ohhhh, I really love the cake!!!

On one of our super fast speed boats you’ll have time to see it all without being rushed. We don’t have any scheduled plan, we listen to our customers needs preferences and merely make suggestions until you’ve got your own tailor made adventure.

Staying the night on the island may be your pleasure, there are quality hotels and relaxing resorts to accommodate all budgets. ATV’s are a popular and fun way to see the island, the roads can be a little bit of a challenge but with the right vehicle you will see all.

So if you want to get there fast or take it slow, the choice will always be yours at VIP Speed Boat Pattaya.