Koh Ped – also known as Monkey Island or Koh Ling – which means Monkey in Thai is a small island with tropical lush vegetation perfect for these small and very friendly primates known for their amazing swimming abilities. This island is located to the south of Pattaya off the penisular of the Satahip Naval Region near Bang Saray.

Monkey Island is literally teeming with inquisitive monkeys waiting to greet you on the eastern most shores. The colony has seen a population boost in the last few years due to the preservation efforts of the local Naval and the delicious extra food they are receiving from our fleet of charter boats. If this place is not a photo opportunity then i don’t know what is. Don’t be surprised if one of these little entertainers takes a seat right on your shoulder. Watch as they swim up to your speed boat and dive for your delicious gifts. We will give you as much time as you like to get more acquainted with your new friends and remember, on a private charter with us you are the boss, so if you want to make this the highlight of your tour then we can simply stay all day. The choice is yours!!!

We will always supply snacks for our monkey friends but if you would like to bring extra for them we recommend a variety of nuts, bananas, cucumber and water mellon. Now there’s a happy monkey.

Show your support for a thriving community and experience a primate encounter like no other.