Sea Fishing is a fun part of all our charters, its an activity loved by most people who try, especially the kids. There’s nothing like reeling in a beautiful colorful tropical fish.

Pattaya is a thriving sea side city with literally millions of tourists visiting every year, with all those tourists comes a great demand for sea food and as a result the waters that surround the Pattaya region are heavily fished.  Here at VIP Speedboat Pattaya our reputation means everything to us so we will not lie to you and say that your likely to catch a Marlin or several 15kg barracudas. However that isn’t to say that the eastern seaboard isn’t a good place to go fishing, there are plenty of good pan sized fish just waiting to be caught and on the occasion a big beautiful parrot fish finds its way onto the end of your line.

Our captains are experts when it comes to the local fishing area and we always know where the fish are biting. Our fun fishing locations are off the beaches of Koh Khram, Koh Man Wichai and Koh Rin. These locations are simply breathtaking and totally unspoiled with water so clear that you can even see the fish biting the bait.

When it comes to equipment we always have good quality rods, reels and bait. It’s all there waiting for you to pick it up and give it a try. So even if you are a total novice there is nothing to worry about our staff will be there to lend a hand and give the best advice.

Your dream fish could be waiting for you to drop the bait in the sea.