Scuba diving is an activity no to be missed in Pattaya with many interesting dives to b had just off the coast line.

Formally known as the USS LSM-469 the Thai Royal Navy’s vessel was purposely sunk off the coast of Koh Phai, this boat was donated by the US Navy in 1962 and used for more than 60 years before finally being deemed unfit to sail, It now lays 30 meters below the surface to the delight of friendly tropical fish of all shapes and sizes.

Koh Khram also has it’s own wreck dive, the Petchburi Bremen is a German 1901 steam ship which sank due to running aground, it now lays in water 26 meters in the Koh Kram channel N11’40″, E100’49″. It’s well worth a dive for its historical interest.

Our luxury speed boats will get you to these and many other dive sites in no time at all meaning that you will have far more time at the actual sites for diving, and Pattaya has dives for all levels of divers from total beginners to advanced technical dives, with the added bonus of diving in waters with an almost constant 30 degree perfect temperature.

Add scuba diving into your private charter with us for that non rushed feeling, take your time and tell us when it’s time to move on. There’s so much to see!!

We have staff who are fully trained PADI Scuba Instructors. Our equipment is regularly maintained and of course, the best money can buy. It’s all waiting for you now at VIP Speed Boat Pattaya.