With VIP Speed Boat Pattaya you will always be entertained in one form or another whether it be service, destinations or fun activities. On our charters we provide high quality in everything we do. One of our more exciting activities is provided in the form of inflatable rides and remember they are always included into your charter with us at no extra costs.

What makes our dounut and banana boat rides so special?

If you have ever been on a banana boat ride by the seaside you will know how much fun they can be as you wiz around just off the beach in a bay. Your ride with us can be a little more adventurous than that. On your private charter we take you on an island hopping adventure with so much to see. Riding on our banana or doughnut you could actually combine the thrill ride with reaching your next destination going between islands and crossing channels. Thats an option you just don’t get anywhere else other than on our tailor made VIP charters.

For those daredevils and thrill seekers out there we even have the option of a bungy cord spring loaded rope for extra speed in the curves and although thrills and excitement are our goal we never forget that safety is our number one priority. Our captains are all fully trained and our equipment is always regularly checked, with life jackets to fit the smallest children there is no limit to the fun for all ages and we’ll be there with the camera for that extra special family photo.

So try these fantastic rides in locations that are simply paradise and make tropical memories for years to come.