Treat yourself to an underwater fishing adventure in one of the most nature friendly forms of fishing there is available.

If you are a complete beginner to the sport we provide all the training you need through our team of expert guides and coaches. We only use the top equipment on our charters so you will always have the best chance of catching your dream fish. A short training briefing will give you the knowledge you need to safely use our state of the art spear guns. In no time at all you’ll be off on your own underwater safari in the hunt for that once in a lifetime fish.

Our captain has 8 years of spear fishing experience, he will not only show you how to use the guns safely but also giving you valuable know how when it comes to types of fish that can and can’t be caught, whether in be for preservation reasons or simply because it’s not a good eater.

Knowing how to swim underwater with a loaded spear gun is something that you should never take lightly. This will also be explained in your personal safety briefing before venturing off on your own. And one things for sure, when you catch a beauty you’ll want to eat it, so we will also show you the best and most humane way of quickly and painlessly dispatching it. Gutting a fish can be a messy operation but we will show you how to professionally clean and scale a fish ready for cooking on the BBQ.

With brand names such as Picasso and Beauchat at your side, and the best quality masks, weight belts and fins you’re ready to go.

At Speed Boat Pattaya we take every measure possible to ensure that Pattaya’s coral and sea life stay preserved for all for a very long time to come. It’s all waiting for you in Pattaya’s amazing archipelago.